Geographic Information Systems internships in Gondwana Game Reserve


Gondwana Game Reserve is a private reserve which is funded by tourism activity. We use sound science to inform the decisions which the management team makes to conserve this highly biodiverse reserve situated in the Cape Floral Kingdom of South Africa.

WEI is a key partner of Gondwana Game Reserve and glad to contribute by providing self-funded projects to investigate the ecology and conservation of this amazing reserve. Our GIS internship is one of the many projects to which interns can contribute.  

Once you arrive in Gondwana Game Reserve you will have orientation sessions to familiarize yourself with the landscape in which you will be living and working.

After the basic in camp orientation has given you an idea of your location, we will venture out onto the reserve to see the environment in which you will work.  Your WEI Field Coordinator will continually assist you with orientation and general information about the reserve and its ecology.

Our trusty 4x4 project vehicle has benched seats in the loading bay and will carry you throughout the reserve to all the wild places you need to explore!

Data collection will either be done by vehicle or on foot.  Whenever we are on foot in a dangerous game area, we are accompanied by our armed ranger who ensures our safety while working amongst dangerous animals.  Working on foot will help to get a fine scale perspective of the factors which you will be assessing.

Meetings and discussions regarding your project will happen in field and in camp and the required data can be generated remotely or in field.

Meetings with your Field Coordinator and reserve staff will help you to choose a project to focus on. These projects will be outcome driven and contribute to the long-term management of the reserve.

Plenty of time will be spent in the field gaining insights into the ecology of the reserve. During this time, you will be focused on collecting data and assessing ecological factors with assistance from the field staff. The data collected will be compiled in an appropriate format and shared with the reserve staff in order to assist with conservation management of the reserve. The friendly staff of the reserve are always willing to share information and collaborate on projects which help conserve this remarkable habitat.

Our interns sometimes get distracted by the trees which need to be climbed but that is ok since our staff often get distracted by the bird’s flowers and other amazing sightings on the reserve which are all part of this learning experience!

Despite the fun that we have we work hard and by the end of a day’s work you will be tired.

But, you will have a warm fire and a cozy tent to come back to.

So come and join us on our GIS internship and help to contribute to the conservation of this incredible landscape and its wildlife.


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