Ready for an African adventure ?

Want to live in the African wilderness? 

Experience wildlife as a Game Ranger?


Join us for a hands-on Conservation Safari at a private wildlife reserve in the Greater Kruger National Park  

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Want to help with Wildlife Conservation?


Want to learn useful African Bush Skills?


Want to know what its like to be a Game Ranger?


Want to know about a career in Nature Conservation?


Want to further your Science Studies?


Want to join a hands on African Safari?



Join our Conservation Safari at a private game reserve. 

Gain valuable African bush skills while getting involved with ecological field work. 

Help field researchers with data collection and participate in practical reserve work.

Your opportunity to spend an amazing time in the African bush while contributing to an essential wildlife conservation project. 

Experience the reward of new skills gained while making a difference to the environment.

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What will I learn on this Conservation Safari?

What it means to work alongside experienced Field Guides and Game Rangers on a Big 5 game reserve.

What is a typical day for a Field Ranger conducting ecological monitoring.

What are the essential skills needed to work in the African bush.

To increase your animal and plant identification skills and interpret common wildlife tracks and signs. 

How to work safely on foot in a dangerous game area.

How to collect data in the field and do basic analysis from camera traps.

To get hands-on with practical work to be done on a functioning tourist reserve.

Behind the scenes experience what it takes to protect our natural environment.

Bush Skills Training

Sharpen your skills and learn from experienced Field Guides and Game Rangers how to identify animal tracks and signs as well as identification skills.

Ecological Monitoring and Research

Participate to collect camera trap data and conduct surveys for ecological monitoring on a big game reserve.

Practical Reserve Tasks

Help reserve staff with their daily tasks to build water drainage gabions, repair roads, remove alien vegetation or join a patrol.

Key benefits from this programme

If you've ever considered a career in nature conservation or ecology - then this will be an opportunity to experience life on a real game reserve to see if its for you.

If you want to get hands on field research and data collection experience to enhance your studies and bolster your CV then is the ideal fit for you. 

If you are a keen naturalist with an interest in the environment then sharpen your bush skills and learn from the best in practice. 

If you want to just take a break from school, studies or a work career then this is the opportunity to take a safari break and contribute to wildlife conservation at the same time.

Philipp Aehlig - Germany - June '21

"I was hoping to meet a group of people that accepted me and welcomed me.  This exceeded my expectations because I met people who became like a family.  This Programme in Krüger National Park was one of my most valuable and memorable experiences that provided me inspiration and a lifetime of memories and new friends because of all the different people from around the world that came together to help a cause for the greater good."


Tina Frauenknecht - Germany - June '21

"I enjoyed everything here.  The work, the cooking, the sundowners, the games we played in the evenings.  We had such a cool group and so many nice experiences.  It’s hard to choose one highlight because there are so many.  I really liked the group feeling and being in nature the whole day.  Every day was interesting because you never know what you will see today when you‘re going in to the park."




Amanda Truver - USA - July '21

"I was able to gain field experience and work with a diverse group of people in an amazing place.  I loved meeting and growing close to a group of people I would otherwise not have met.  I loved being able to see something different and new every day, you never know what you’ll see or find in the bush.  This program exceeded my expectations.  I was able to make a lifetime of memories, meet an amazing group of friends, and contribute to an important conservation project that meant a lot to me."


I want to join the Conservation Safari in Greater Kruger Park!

I am keen to join the Conservation Safari and have the most amazing time of my life with like minded friends from around the world and contribute to saving the environment!  

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